So I live in Europe to start, I bought a model 2 PAL saturn from ebay, I only got one game with the console. The game it pretty scratched up but it's definately a PAL version as well.

I discovered when trying to play the game the first in-game sega logo screen loads up but before it get's to the games title screen it resets back to the system menu.

Now after extensive searching online I managed to find a few people with the exact same problem who were able to fix the problem by slightly adjusting the voltage to the laser. This is done through the turning of the orange screw at the back which must be some kind of variable resister.

My problem is the Pal version of the saturn doesn't have this orange screw or if it does I can't find it. I'm told the orange screw is quite noticable so surely I'd have noticed it if my console did indeed have it.

So anyone know where the equivalent screw (POT) is on the PAL version?


If there may be another quick fix I may have missed?

Buying another Saturn online isn't completely out of the question or reaplacing parts, I'd just prefer to get what I have working first. A quick fix is always preferable I suppose.