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Thread: Need recommendation for Mac II games

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    Default Need recommendation for Mac II games

    I recently acquired a Macintosh IIvx, complete with a 13" Color RGB monitor, keyboard, and mouse for $25. I know the IIvx is rated as one of the worse Macs out there, but for $25 I couldn't pass. Plus the guy threw in two minty complete games - Space Quest I and The Lost Treasures of Infocom (20 games in 1). The IIvx has a floppy drive and a whopping 2x CD Rom, so either format should work. I've never been one for either genre of games I got with the system, save maybe King's Quest, so I am looking for other types of games. An RPG would be nice, as would any platformer.

    Additional Specs: System Software 7.1; 12,288K of total memory

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Honestly, there are so many things for Macs of that era for which you'd be better off just getting the PC version.

    Must-haves are Cliff Johnson's Macintosh puzzle games, available at .

    The only RPG I can recommend is Taskmaker and its sequel. Technically, you need to buy it at , but the author also posted the registration information on Usenet long, long ago, so you can probably find it on Google Groups if you're cheap.
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