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Thread: Games for sale/trade.

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    Default Games for sale/trade.

    For sale/trade:Saturn games
    Virtua fighter 2 "Not for resale". In the cardboard sleeve.
    Daytona USA
    Sega Saturn bootleg Sampler
    Virtua cop in the cardboard sleeve.
    Clockwork knight 2 in a "Funcoland" sleeve.

    I'm looking to trade two loose AES carts:
    Samurai Spirits (Japanese import with English language)
    Fatal Fury Special
    Boxed Super Sidekicks 2

    For any of the following boxed:
    Burning fight
    3 count bout
    Magician lord
    Mutation Nation
    Eight man
    Ninja combat
    Blues Journey
    Ninja commando
    Spin master
    Legend of sucess joe

    I'm really wanting some Neo Geo AES carts Or Turbografx games.. But if you want to trade or make a offer. Please PM me.
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