I am looking to replace my Pokemon LeafGreen 1.0 with a revision 1.1, so I am in need of just the cart, not the boxes or anything. It needs to be a legit cart, not one of the billion bootlegs floating around EB/Gamestop and Ebay. If it has the shiny label with the spiral background and the Nintendo logo on the PCB in the slot, then it should be legit.

To determine if you have version 1.1 of the game, boot it up, and watch the "Game Freak" startup logo. If it says "Presents" under the Game Freak name, then you have 1.1. If it doesn't say anything under Game Freak, then you have 1.0. I don't know of any way to detect this without booting up the game.

As far as I know, 1.1 simply fixes a bug with the way some of the Pokemon data is displayed (some of the data fields are truncated). The actual game data isn't changed.

This game is pretty damn cheap on Ebay, but it's hard to get sellers to figure out if they have 1.1, so I thought I would ask here.