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Thread: Nekketsu Beach Volleyball

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    Default Nekketsu Beach Volleyball

    Yesterday I got one of the amazing rare Game Boy games Complete in Box after trading Call of Duty: World at War and this is perhaps one of the greatest deals on earth (not counting buying a proto).

    Here's some videos of game-play.

    Here's the soundtrack for it when played on a Super Game Boy.
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    Wow, that's a neat little game.
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    This is a great game and one of my favorites. Underrated and quite hard to find, especially complete.

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    Yeah, looks pretty cool for a Game Brick game. What kind of bothers me (on a slightly unrelated topic, but only slightly) is how none of the Nekketsu dodge ball games match up to the original. The GBA one (Dodge Ball Fighters) is all right, but still lacks the charm of the original.

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    I now own two unopened copies along with my "for play" comlpete copy. This game is a step less rarer than Pokonyan, another extremely rare title for the Game Boy that is one of the few games to use a custom soundtrack when played using a Super Game Boy.

    I also have some information about Nekketsu Beach Volleyball that makes it a more interesting game: The sound test both differs from Game Boy and Super Game Boy modes in terms of track listing/song tables. The composer's names for Nekketsu Beach Volleyball can be found here:
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