I was taking pictures of my game room to show some relatives so I figured i'd show them to everyone here aswell.

This is the most organized my collection has been since I started collecting.

My entire PS1 collection.(all my lose games are in the cd folders)

My PS3 and PSP games and my gaming setup with my high end standard definition TV that's not even capable of stereo sound!

My Dreamcast, Master System, Genesis, SNES, Wii and DS collections.

My Virtual Boy, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, GBA SP and PSP systems (the PSP's are in the black and metal cases.) and my original GameBoy collection

My Saturn, Sega CD, NES, PS2, XBOX and 3DO collections and my boxed Gameboy, SNES and N64 games and my only Jaguar game.

Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of my Game Gear, Gameboy advance, Gamecube and N64 collections due to poor lighting.