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Thread: Turbografx/ turbo duo collection

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    Default Turbografx/ turbo duo collection

    Pretty much got a decent idea on the duo titles now, but boxed hu-cards have been harder to price.

    Boxed complete Turbo Duo and Duo Tap

    37 US Hu-Cards complete with outer boxes

    Aero Blasters
    Air Zonk
    Alien Crush
    Battle Royale
    Chase HQ
    Cyber Core
    Darkwing Duck
    Davis Cup Tennis
    Dungeon Explorer
    D&D Order of the Griffon
    Fantasy Zone
    Final Lap Twin
    Ghost Manor
    JJ and Jeff
    Keith Courage(no outer box obviously)
    Legendary Axe
    Military Madness
    Moto Roader
    Parasol Stars
    Power Golf
    Super Star Soldier
    Soldier Blade
    Victory Run
    World Class Baseball
    World Court Tennis
    Yo Bro

    3 CD Games(also with outer box)

    Cosmic Fantasy 2
    Vasteel(with slip cover)

    29 Turbo Duo Games(Think that's all of them+ some home brews)

    3 girly games(Bikini Girls, Hawaii Island Girls, and Local Girls of Hawaii)
    Implode and Meteor Blaster DX

    Beyond Shadowgate
    Bonk 3 CD
    Camp California
    Dragon Slayer(the legend of Heros)
    Dungeon Explorer 2
    Dungeon Master
    Dynastic Hero
    Exile:Wicked Phenomenon(with slip sleeve)
    Forgotten Worlds
    Gates of thunder/Bonk's Adventure/Bonk's Adventure
    John Madden Football
    Lords of Thunder
    Might and Magic III
    Prince of Persia
    Riot Zone
    Shadow of the Beast
    Shape Shifter
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sim Earth
    Super Air Zonk
    Sydmeads Terra Forming

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    Man you've got a lot of HOLY CRAP games there, but you knew that already. Most of the hu-card games tho are under $20 w/ some under $10. The only ones over that are Air Zonk, Order of the Griffon, Neutopia, Parasol Stars (I think), Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade (I think). Someone else more familiar w/ prices on TG stuff could probably be a bigger help. I just had to reply to this topic since I spent so long drooling over what's listed in it.

    Oh yeah, there's a price list at Rising Stuff here written by windancer that seems pretty accurate.
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