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Thread: NTSC SNES Help Needed

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    Default NTSC SNES Help Needed

    I opened my SNES to cut out the tabs in order to fit in Japanese games. After all that was done and I put it back together I noticed the purple power switch doesn't snap anymore, it just slides.

    I opened it back up and noticed the switch itself inside fell apart for some reason, it wasn't even touched so I have no idea how it fell out of its metal casing.

    Long story short even though I put the inner power switch back together and the SNES works. I have no idea what all the parts were for such as the little balls inside the inner switch and the spring within one of the holes. They seem completely apart from the copper part which slides in order to make contact between two parts which is obviously what turns the SNES on.

    I don't know if that is what makes it snap, it might be the inner switch or it might have something to do with the shell/purple cover of the switch...

    Does anyone have any idea what makes the switch snap into place and how I can fix this?

    Since I made a thread I might as well ask these (even though I'm sure they're answered somewhere):
    - Will I be able to play PAL games on an NTSC console?
    - What is a good store that I can order a SNES screwdriver/bit/whatever that ships to Canada?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    EDIT: I just noticed that there are spaces in the metal casing for the balls+spring to snap into. One ball on each end and one spring in the middle is how it works.
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    You will probably need to do the lockout switch and the 50/60hz switch before you can get most pal games to work. Some require just the lockout be off, some require you start it in 50hz as well (then switch back to 60hz)

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