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Thread: glue back on sticker to cartridges

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    Default glue back on sticker to cartridges


    I have a contra nes cartridge and the sticker is peeling back on the corner. What type of glue do you guys suggest I use to put the sticker back down?

    Super glue seems to crystallize the sticker and make it brittle. Any suggestions?


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    Acrylic Gel Medium

    Artists use it as an extender for acrylic paint and as an adhesive for collages and such. It's a white paste that is very sticky and dries clear- very nice stuff. I had some NES labels that were peeling, what I did was cover the area under label with this stuff, using a palette knife:

    Press down the label with the knife and smooth it out until it's nice and flat and wipe off the excess. You could probably use a credit card in a pinch, the point is to use something flat and rigid, but not sharp. When the gel dries, it'll look great

    This is the exact stuff I use. This will dry with a glossy finish if you apply it over something, I think there's also a matte variety, but I prefer glossy. You should be able to find it at an arts & crafts store like Michael's.

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