Does any one have unused/new/sealed for these:

Sega Game Gear system - Cheapes i have found was 30$, but they don't ship to Europe. TV tuner and FM tuner wanted too

Sega Game Gear Games - Still looking for more
i have these games sealed: Sonic Chaos, Aladdin, Donald Duck, Jungle Book, Pac Man, Primal Rage, PGA GOLF, RBI 94, Super Battletank, Caesars Palace, Sonic 2, Lion King, NHL All-Star
these loose Fantasy Zone, Solitare Poker, Chuck Rock, Putt & Putter
Super Off Road complite.

Sega Pico "Games" - price around 2-4$/peace?
i have these games sealed: Richard Skary

TIGER Game.Com System - Cheapes i have found was 29$ inc. 10 sealed games. i still dond know does he ship to europe.
i have these games sealed: Tiger Casino, Indy 500, Arcade Classics, Fighters Megamix, Mortal Kombat

Other Game.Com accessories

Atari Lynx System and cheap games

SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color - I try to buy these from HongKong for 10$/peace.. out of stock.

PayPal only way to pay..

Air mail shipping to Europe/Finland