Iíve decided to selloff a big part of my collection. Iíll be piecing it out over the coming weeks. Iíll be listing this locally and at digitpress and rfgeneration. Up first is the Dreamcast stuff. Hardware is listed below. All the games are listed with prices here (you have to click on the detailed view to see the prices): http://www.rfgeneration.com/cgi-bin/...console=&type=

Feedback can be found at digitpress under the username lago. At ebay under letsallgameon. I believe I have extremely limited feedback on rfgeneration as lago as well.

I like big orders and am not afraid to make a deal so feel free to pm me an offer. iíd prefer you pm me with what you want.

Shipping & payment: Iíll ship anywhere in the USA. Prices donít include shipping. Buyer will pay shipping rounded up to the nearest .25 (example: shipping is $4.68 you pay $4.75). Iíll ship however you want w/delivery confirmation.

I accept money order or paypal. If you pay with paypal then the paypal fee will be added onto the shipping.

I will do my best to ship within 2 Ė 3 business days.

Feel free to ask any questions!


Boxed Ė white. Box is beat up. Comes with all hookups and controller $35.
Loose Ė white. Comes with all hookups and controller $30.

Sega Dreamcast controller $5

Sega Dreamcast Keyboard $12

Gameshark with no cd $20 (I might have the cd somewhere)

Sega Dreamcast VMU

White. loose. $4
Blue. New sealed in box. $10
Blue. New sealed in box. $10

Performance Memory Card
Green. $5
Clear. New sealed in box. $10