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Thread: FS: Some Sega Genesis Protos

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    Default FS: Some Sega Genesis Protos

    Hi, I've got some Genesis prototypes up for sale. I've got some other Genesis Protos & a few Atari Jaguar protos for sale as well. PM me if you are interested in a tentative list.

    #1 Zero Tolerance $90 OBO
    This one is obviously still under construction as there are sound effects though no background music. There are some other buggy seeming things too though I played the game for a few minutes and most things seemed to work.

    #2 Beauty & the Beast Belle's Quest $75 OBO

    #3 Lawnmower Man $85 OBO
    There is a name and address printed on the label which I temporarily covered over for the picture. Not sure what the differences are between this one and the final release. Just ask if there are any questions.

    #4 Tecmo Super NBA Basketball $65 OBO
    The label on this one also has a name and address temporarily covered over for the picture. The label also reads "Tecmo Super Bowl" which is crossed out and "NBA" is handwritten below.

    I don't really have any sales references here though I am a powerseller on eBay and sell a little on Gamegavel so pm me if you want my screen name for proof.
    As for payment, I will pretty much accept anything (Paypal, check, money order, cash) though all payments will need to clear before shipping is done. Shipping prices for US & Canada will be included in the price of the game. For all others we will have to work out the shipping costs.
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