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    Default FS: Castlevania collection, retro systems, accessories

    alright, big move in my life coming up, no time or space for all this stuff. act now!

    shipping will be calculated with USPS first class mail unless otherwise posted. I will give you quotes before I ask you to pay, Paypal only.

    first off, all the castlevania stuff I have......

    SotN: The official guide from Brady games. Good condition, no tears, creases or stains, usual bends on corners. -$50

    Nocturne in the Moonlight (jap sotn): for Saturn, great condition, comes with obi strip $50

    Castlevania classic NES series for GBA. $5

    Bloodlines (Genesis) in hard case. no instructions. good condition $30

    Symphony of the Night, original, complete. Great condition. $30

    Harmony of Dissonance, japanese version, complete, great condition $30

    Castlevania 64, complete in box. great condition $10

    Curse of Darkness (XBoX) complete, great $8

    Curse of Darkness (PS2) complete, great $8

    Lament of Innocence complete, great $8

    Simon's Quest, complete in box, great condition $25

    Super CV IV, complete in box, great condition $25

    Legends, cart and case only. $15

    Adventure, cart and case only $5

    Simons Quest, cart only $5

    Castlevania, cart only $5

    Dracula's curse, cart only $8

    Bloodlines, cart only $12

    Super IV, cart only $10

    Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest, Tiger Electronics handheld. No packaging! great condition $30

    Sony Playstation SCPH-5501 great working condition, a little dirty on the ouside, easy to clean up.
    -3 memory cards. 1 original, 2 3rd party
    -AV cable
    -no controllers, been using my PS2 controllers. -$20

    Playstation 2 SCPH 30001 great condition, clean.
    -1 first party memory card
    -LAN network adapter
    -S-video cable
    -2 first party controllers -$ 50

    Sega Saturn model 2, clean and working
    - 2 controllers, 1 model 2, 1 model 1
    - comes with pro action replay cart, allows for game saves and import games. no memory expansion
    - comes with S-video cable -$40

    Sega Genesis model 2, clean and working
    -NBA live 96 and NHL 96, Skitchin'
    -2 3-button controllers
    -power cable and RF switch -$15

    Goldstar 3DO, working and clean
    -all cables
    -1 controller -$50

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________

    Sega Saturn official joystick.
    -will throw in a saturn eclipse stick for free. -$20

    Sega Saturn 3D pad.
    -will throw in a Nights disc -$20

    Playstation 2 GunCon 2 -$ 10
    -with Time Crisis Crisis Zone -$20

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________

    Playstation 2 Games

    Guilty Gear X2 $12
    Metal Slug Anthology $20
    Metal Gear Solid 2 $10
    Metal Gear Solid 3 $12
    Rygar $5
    Sonic Mega Collection Plus $10
    Final Fantasy XII $8
    Final Fantasy X $7

    Gamecube Games

    Killer 7 $5
    Metroid Prime $5
    Sonic Gems collection $10

    PSX games

    Final Fantasy VII green label, good condition $20

    Final Fantasy Anthology green label good condition $12
    Wild Arms good condition $15

    Sega Saturn Games

    Panzer Dragoon, disc only. good condition $8

    Street Fighter Alpha 2 complete $10
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