Found this one on Craigslist - it's a Sega Turbo Mini cabinet, working, for $100.

It's wired up with a button to insert a coin, and is generally in pretty good shape. There are a few issues, though. Isn't there supposed to be an LED readout at top under the marquee that shows your score and the top five scores?

Also it seems to be missing whatever used to be on the end of the shift knob.

The biggest issue is some bad graphics. For example when you insert a coin, there are just a few garbled lines on the screen. And some of the in-game graphics aren't displayed correctly either. Also some of the sounds aren't right - for example, you can't hear the ambulance coming up at all, along with some others. Any suggestions to get these issues fixed? New roms or a whole new board?

I put up a set on Flickr with some photos of the machine and the bad graphics. Check them out here:

My son loves the game! I forgot how fun this one was too...haven't played it in years since they had it at the local roller skating rink and you had to play it with your skates on - lol!