I tried to fire up my FZ-10 for the 1st time in a while last night & it wasn't cooperating.

Upon power-up, I get the 3DO logo briefly, then the screen goes black & the disc drive makes awful noises. I imagine that the laser & lens assembly is whipping back & forth frantically & fruitlessly.

1 - I poked a stick in the switch hole to fool the unit into thinking that the lid was shut & powered up. The disc spins fine, so the spindle motor seems OK. behavior was the same as with the lid closed properly.
2 - I took a clean rag & some ethyl alcohol & wiped the lens. No change.

I prefer to repair rather than replace (a motto I try to follow in general). But, if repair isn't an option, what's the going rate for an FZ-1 or FZ-10 console these days?


I wasn't adequately clear in my description, so I took a few videos under different conditions to demonstrate what's happening:

1: Trying to run a disc normally (with lid closed). Sounds you hear are actually lens zipping back & forth, I think.

2: Trying to run a disc with lid open & screwdriver in lid switch. Disc spins at different speeds, perhaps b/c system isn't able to read it?

3: Lid open & screwdriver in lid switch, no disc. Lens pops up & down (focus?). Spindle doesn't spin, b/c I guess the laser assembly didn't see a disc to spin?

Hopefully this recorded behavior will shed some light on the problem, for those who are experienced w/ disc-based console problems.