Hey guys,

I have question about the original Xbox Wifi adapter. I bought one the other day for $7 bucks (like new in box), but it did not include the AC adapter. I googled around, and have found the original specs of the adapter to be:

(DC) 6V, 1.0A

Does anyone out there have one of these adapter on hand, and can you check the polarity on it for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, I bought a replacement adapter for $1... but the specs aren't an exact match..

the specs on the replacement are: (DC) 5V, 1.0A.

Can anyone give me a firm answer as to weather this adapter would be compatible with my Network Adapter? Would the 1 less Volt destroy my unit? I would really like to know.. as I haven't tried it out yet without hearing anyone's suggestions first.

here's the Network adapter I'm talking about.


thanks so much for your time guys!

- Retromangia