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Thread: Official Sega Saturn A/V Cable

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    Default Official Sega Saturn A/V Cable

    The other day at the swap meet, I managed to find a Model 1 (oval-buttoned, so I *think* that's Model 1) Saturn in a carrying case with 2 Model 1 controllers, cables and NIGHTS Into Dreams and Panzer Dragoon for $20. I'd always wanted a Saturn and, seeing it normally goes for double that at the least, swooped down. Noticed when I got it home that it had no video cable though, so here I am.

    Would anyone know where I could get an official Sega Saturn A/V Cable for a good price? I've nothing but bad luck with 3rd-party cables on nearly all systems I've ever bought one for, so I'd rather not chance it with my Saturn .

    Also, I'd love to get an official Model 2 controller as well. I hear they are the best controllers for 2D games period. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated !
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