I recently posted this over in Import-Mania but since there were no responses I figured I'd post in a more heavy-traffic section. Still fits in classic games anyway, so I probably should have posted here to begin with.

I recently picked this game up for the SG-1000 Mark III from the DP store. I was in the nice large cardboard box and labeled as "Gold Cartridge", which was pretty much the only English other than "Sega" on the whole box so it took me a while to identify. Eventually I figured out it was the Japanese version of Miracle Warriors. It came with the plastic insert and the cloth map (which is very nice by the way, much better than the ones you see today), but it was missing the mini figurine which apparently was packaged with it. I've been searching the interwebs but I can't find much information on the Japanese release or on the figurine which my copy is missing. Can anyone help me out with some more information? Was the "Gold Cartridge" the only version or was it rerelease or special edition? What was the figurine of and is it near impossible to buy one in 2010?

To me it seems like a cool little collector's piece because I never see Mark III stuff over here, especially RPGs, and I love Sega history, but is there anything particularly special about Haja no Fuuin for Mark III or is it more of a run of the mill import?

I've also added pictures for clarification or in case anyone is particularly interested.