Hey Everybody! Since I ahven't put one up I was thinking that I should put one up right before school comes back here so here goes!

Strategy Guides:
Battalion Wars (Gamecube) $2
Madden 2008 $1
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends $2
NCAA 2007 Football $1
Ninja Gaiden (Xbox 360) $3
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) $4
Starfox 64 (Nintendo 64) $1
Star Wars Obi Wan (Xbox) $2
Smackdown Here Comes the Pain (PS2) $1

Video Games:
Bo-BoBo Import Game (GBA) $10
Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomsticks (PS2,Complete) $4
Unreal Championship (Xbox,Complete) $2
Unreal Championship 2:The Lliandri Conflict (Xbox,Complete) $3
Pro Pinball:Big Race USA (Playstation,Complete) $3
Time Commando (PS1,Complete) $2
Soviet Strike (PS1,Complete) $2
Cart World Series (PS1,Complete) $4
Wrestlemania X8 (Nintendo Gamecube,Complete) $4
Command and Conquer (PS1,Complete) $4
Creature Comforts (PSP,UMD,Season1,Sealed) $4
Godzilla 2 17 in 1 (Gameboy,Tested,Works Great) $5
DBZ IV (Gameboy,Bootleg Copy of DBZ Super Sayian Warriors) $2
Jurassic Park (Game Gear) $2
Metroid: First Hunt Demo (NDS Demo,Works Great) $1
The Office (PC,Sealed) $4
One Piece Import (GB,Complete,Tested) $7
Alien Trilogy (PS1,Disc in Hollywood Video Case) $1

Sega Genesis Games:
Star Control (Complete,with Map) $3
Comix Zone (Complete,MINT Condition,Includes Bonus CD) $8
Mortal Kombat II (Complete) $3
NHL 1996 (Complete) $2
Urban Strike (Complete) $4 (Buy all three _ Strikes,$10)
Jungle Strike (Complete) $4
Desert Strike (Complete) $4
T2 The Arcade Game (Complete) $2
Earth Defense (Sealed but seal is broken on opening spine) $4
NFL Football 1994 (Complete) $2
Risk (Complete) $4

Also up for sale is a 16-bit Sega Genesis. It has 2 Controllers and an Arcade Power Stick. It also has a RF Adapter (came with when i bought it.) $15 plus shipping.

Here's a regular fashioned Sega Genesis with one controller and a RF Adaptor (people in my town are old fashioned,huh?) $8 plus shipping.

2x NES Controllers $2 each
2x PS2 Audio/Video Cables $2 each
N64 Transfer Pak FREE
Sony RF Adaptor FREE
Madcatz RF Adaptor FREE
Mysterious White Cable?
The Sandlot 2 DVD $3
Star Blazers The Bolar Wars Part 1 $4
E3 Access 2004 DVD $3
LOZ:Ganon's Evil Tower VHS $3
NetGear Wireless Network Adapter $5