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Thread: Nintendo 64 RGB Woes

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    Default Nintendo 64 RGB Woes

    So,I have something interesting. Supposedly,I have one of the very early model Japanese N64's with RGB. I opened it up and sure enough 3 small red wires coming from R8,R9 & R10 on the underside of the board. The soldering points are too perfect to be done by man,so I'm assuming that this was indeed factory set.

    Of course,I hook it up via SCART and the signal is very dark indeed. It also has annoying vertical diagonal interference lines going across the screen. They kind of disappear when your moving in a 3D environment,but in a 2D game like Mischief Makers,they are very apparent.

    Even weirder,this may be due to the weak signal,but the left side of the screen is the correct RGB colors but the farther right you go,the picture gets yellower/greener. I hooked it up with S-Video & Composite and no yellow on the right. Also with the brightness all the way up they lines seemed more fainter.

    So my questions are, is there anywhere to buy a SCART cable with Transistors in it to amplify the signal, and what causes the annoying lines?

    S-Video: Goldeneye Menu
    RGB: Goldeneye Menu:

    S-Video: Surface Sky
    RGB: Surface Sky

    UPDATE: So it seems that it's the component input on my TV that is causing the green on the right,which sucks but I guess I can live with it for now till I get another TV

    Board: NUS-CPU-01
    Serial: NUJ10361132
    Model: NUS-001 (JPN)
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    Most people install the rgb amp inside their n64 - you probably should look around nfg forums or that platinumfungi person to see if they could do the mod for you.

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    You have to build an RGB amp and put it inside the N64. Well, it can be outside but that would be a pain in the ass. Here is the amp that I built:

    Build that on a small PC board and wire it up so that the wires coming off of the board go to the amp, and then connect wires from the amp to the appropriate AV port pins. It's a bit of work, but the picture looks great.


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