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I work at a small chain of video game stores in Southwest Virginia, and we're pretty reasonable when it comes to prices. I mean, trust me, I'm one of those people who HATES going into a retro store and seeing stuff marked up.

We have TONS of retro games that we sell for a flat price of $4.99, and that goes for anything from the NES/Master System up to the original Xbox. Of course, for some stuff, that's a bit overpriced, but for lots of games, it comes out even considering shipping.

Of course, the "harder to find stuff" gets marked up a bit, but that's mainly the BIG titles like Mario, Metroid, FF, and your other mainstream games. If we end up getting stuff in that's relatively unpopular, we still sell it for cheap. For example, I've been able to pick up stuff like MUSHA for the Genesis complete for $14.99. :O I'm a big PS1 collector, so it's crazy when we get stuff like Jurassic Park Warpath for $4.99, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for $4.99 or Suikoden 2 for $49.99. However, of course, we currently have a disc-only copy of Monster Rancher for $19.99. Ugh. You've just got to know what's worth what.

Of course, it sucks because it all depends on trade-ins. We get web orders, but where we're a small little chain, we don't have a huge amount of retro stock at all times. I mean, we usually have TONS of Genesis/NES/SNES/N64 stuff, but Dreamcast/PS1/Saturn/3DO/T16/etc... stuff comes in every so often. So it's always good to check back.

One bonus, though, is that when we take in cart-based games, if the label/cart is physically damaged (worn label, etc.), we sell them for $4.99. I amassed a large part of my SNES collection this way over the summer.
Hey, G2K Games. That place is all right, I stop over there whenever I go that way and don't spend all my money at Cavalier Comics. One time someone who was working there unloaded all their Atari 2600 stuff on me for like 50 cents each, I guess no one had been buying it. And I found a boxed and complete Krion Conquest in the $5 stuff you're talking about. Other things are overpriced there, though, it's a bit of crapshoot whether you'll hit a deal or not.