Hi all,

I acquired this one about a month ago, and although I noticed a minor difference right away, I just recently had the chance to take a close look. I'm trying to remember all the differences I found last night, so bear with me please.

First up, the title screen:

A few things to note here. The background is black rather than a lilac, and the word puzzle is spelled "pazzle".

Next, the "pazzle" mode's opening screen:

Where did Mario go?

Stage one of "pazzle" mode:

This is when we start to see some serious stuff. Mario is now nowhere to be found. There are three pipes missing from the bottom of the "moves remaining" indicator, and there is a score tally in the top right corner completely missing from the final version.

Moving further into "pazzle" mode:

What the? Are those Metroids instead of cookies?!?!

Speaking of misshapen cookies:

Look at the green cookie. Yup, totally different shape.

Some other fun items to note:

- In "action" mode, pressing the "R" trigger advances you a stage, pressing the "L" trigger advances you a round.
- The cut scenes between each round lack the opening animation where the cookie falls off of Yoshi's house, as well as the "zoomed in" view of the interaction between Mario and the cookie.
- After you beat the game in action mode, you're treated to an alternate title screen and animation that as far as I know is not in the retail version:

Notice "Puzzle" mode is spelled correctly now? The whole scene plays out with Mario attempting to open a jar with a cookie in it, Yoshi eats the jar, Mario pursues Yoshi to retrieve it.

I'm sure there are more things to find, I haven't had a chance to play through Pazzle and VS modes just yet, so I'll update with anything new I find.

To answer some quick (inevitable) questions:

Do I plan on releasing the ROM?
No, I have no plans to release it.

Is it or will it be for sale?
Yup, it sure is.

Will it be cheap?
Not even remotely.

Hope you all enjoy!