As the title reads, I'm auctioning off my Pocket Monsters RED/Japanese Version for Game Boy game. Click here to check out the auction -> I'll be shipping to the US and Canada from Hawaii and the auction description is on the bottom here:

You are bidding on the Japanese version of Pocket Monsters (Red Version) which I got from Tokyo. It is in working and good condition since it's been gently used and starting to yellow a bit in the back. No box or manual but it does come with a cartridge case. For those curious to know what Pokemon team I have saved on the game, here it is:

Kentarosu (Tauros) L64
Sandazu (Zapdos) L64
Gengaa (Gengar) L64
Fuudin (Alakazam) L64
Rizaadon (Charizard) L64
Gyaradosu (Gyarados) L65

Email me if you're interested to know what techniques I've put on the characters. None of them have Hidden Machine techniques.