I have the following items for sale/trade, I would prefer pickup at my place (Union County, New Jersey), to avoid the hassle of shipping. We could agree to meet up at the Digital Press store one day next week if you are in North NJ. I am home from work the next few days, so quick deals where you can drive to me are prefereable.

Items I am looking for:
Gameroom Items: Arcade Cabinets, Redemption Machines, Slot
Machines, pinball machines (projects, parts, or fully working), payphone,

Consoles and accessories: Nintendo DS w/R4 or equivalent device,
Wimote/Wiimote + (need 2), xbox 360 package, Console Retail Game

Other: Decent 1-2 year old desktop PC

Atari Jaguar - $200, not willing to breakout second controller or the composite cable, would like everying to go as a package.
Boxed System w/ 1 Controller
Second Boxed Controller
Composite Monitor Cable
Games: (all CIB)
1. Ruiner Pinball
2. Fever Pitch Soccer
3. Pitfall
4. Iron Solider
5. I-war
6. Cybermorph
7. Tempest 2000
8. Dino Dudes
9. Doom
10. Raiden

Atari 800/XE:
Working 800 Computer w/ basic cartridge - $40
Boxed XE Game System -$75
2 pack in titles, joystick, keyboard, light gun, all documentation.
Boxed 130XE Computer w/ built in SIO2PC - $85
Computer War Cartridge –complete - $20
Submarine Commander - $15
Squish Em - $20
Wizard of Wor - $15
Gyruss - $15
Congo Bongo (no label) - $15
AtariMax cart w/ BBSB - $35

Atari 2600:
Boxed Heavy Sixer System - $130
Heavy Sixer System, RF Modulator, (2) CX-40 Joysticks, Star
Raiders Pad, Combat, Star Raiders, and paddle controllers.

Boxed Starpath/arcadia Supercharger w/ Phasor Patrol and a new sealed
copy of Stella Gets a New Brain. - $65

Bible Adventures (Blue) - $10
King of Kings (Black) - $10

Road Blasters - $6
Super Mario Bros - $10
Rygar - $10
Rad Racer -$6
Rampage - $10

Boxed Sega Nomad - $100
Complete with battery pack, very clean and in excellent condition.
Shove It! – Complete - $12
Mega Bomberman - $10
Earth Defense - $10
Triple Score -$6
Raiden Trad -$10
Flashback -$6
X-band modem. -$6

Rastan Arcade Board and control panel:
Rastan JAMMA Board - $45
Taito Control Panel - $40
Both for $75

PS2 Demos / soundtracks: - $14 for all.
Freaky Flyers, Hunter the Rechoning, Destroy all humans, the punisher, playstation magazine 91, Jak II, Arc the Lad, There’s a new thief in town, Racket and Clank, Drakengard, and Front Mission 4. Van Helsong Bonus DVD, Midnight club 2 soundtrack sampler, and EA Sports Select Beats volume 1.

Xbox Games:- Make an offer
007 - Everything or Nothing
007- Nightfire
Starsky and Hutch
X-Men Legends
Circus Maximus
Outlaw Golf - 9 Holes of X-MAS (Block Buster Exclusive)
Outlaw Volleyball (Block Buster Exclusive)
House of the Dead III w/ also include a Mad Katz light gun.
Tetris Worlds / Star Wars Clone Wars

Non-game related:
Star Wars Sears Cantina playset with Blue Snaggletooth figure. - $130

I also have a number of other systems and game, too many to really go through and list. Let me know what you are looking for. Prices are negotiable so if you think something is high let me know, the worst I can say is no. The more you buy the better the deal. Trades, particularly for pinball machines, will be given preference. Would like to entertain trades for a few days before I consider shipping. Either send PM or Email: Playedataritoday@gmail.com.