Ok…I’ve decided to pull out of Neo Geo gaming lock, stock and barrel so I’m putting up my entire collection for sale. Everything listed is 100% working and 100% legit (save Top Hunter). All prices are NOT including shipping. I do accept Paypal but to be honest with you, I’d rather not give those morons any more of my $$ so I prefer Money orders. I will accept either way, I don’t want to lose a sale by refusing Paypal. All items will be well packed and shipped UPS insured.

MVS Console system $275:
I purchased this system from Neotropolis. It is a well done and 100% working system with custom stereo, composite and S-video outputs as well as having 2 controller ports and upgraded with UniBIOS v2.1 for accessing region versions/blood/cheats/etc. Also included in the price is two power supplies, one standard V1 Neo Geo joystick and one PS2-to-Neo conversion unit (allows you to use a PS2 controller on the system…works flawlessly). I paid a good amount of $$ for this system (well over $275) so please, no offers on this one, my price is firm.

MVS titles:
-Art of Fighting (US) $15
-Art of Fighting 3 (US) $35
-Bust a Move (US)-w-mini marquee $60
-Crossed Swords (US) $45
-Fatal Fury (US) $25
-Fatal Fury 2 (US) $30
-King of Fighters ’96 (JP) $25
-King of Fighters ’96 (JP, has hand written sticker that says RBFFS but it is actually KoF ‘96) $25
-King of Fighters ’99 (US) $25
-King of the Monsters (US) $35
-League Bowling (US, I replaced original label, it was in bad shape) $40
-Metal Slug (US, complete kit, non matching serial #'s between box and cart) $110
-Metal Slug 2 (US, serial intact, smoke case, holo label) $50
-Metal Slug 2 (US, serial scratched) $45
-Metal Slug X (US) $55
-Metal Slug 3 (US, I replaced label, original was in bad shape) $80
-Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (JP) $20
-Samurai Shodown I (US) $15
-Samurai Shodown II (JP) $20
-Samurai Shodown III (JP) $30
-Samurai Shodown IV (JP) $40
-Top Hunter (Boot, does work 100% though) $30

The Japanese games on in this pic are as follows (starting from top left cart, moving down then the top of the next stack) Samurai Shodown IV, Samurai Shodown III, Samurai Shodown II, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)

This pic shows the Metal Slug kit and Bust a Move mini:

I also have 15 black and 4 red shock boxes. All but 1 have printed artwork professionally printed on glossy card stock. I’m asking $7/pc for them and if you buy them along side a game, I will include the artwork as well.