I've read that there is a way to mod your Laseractive unit for RGB. I have a questions about it for anyone who has actually done it.

1. Does the mod allow for the Genesis and TG-16 Game Pacs to output RGB or is it just for LD
2. Assuming you can get RGB from the Genesis and TG-16, can it be turned back into S-Video somehow? A JROK type decoder maybe?
3. Assuming you can get it back to S-Video, how does the picture look vs the normal composite that they put out?

The reason I ask all of this is that I thought it would be cool to consolidate my Genesis and TG-16 stuff into one unit AND maybe at the same time get improved video quality. I've always been a bit fascinated with the Laseractive, but at the moment it's pretty useless to me since the video quality it outputs is actually worse than the regular console (at least on my Genesis anyway).