Calling all, Oregon Trail fans and fanatics! In honor of the upcoming Oregon Trail for Facebook launch, were hosting our first-ever Photoshop contest.

Imagine this: you're getting ready to hit the trail. You're stocked up on supplies, you've rounded up your traveling party, and you're ready to roll. BUT you're a true Trailblazer, so not just any old wagon will do.

Welcome to a game well call Souped-Up Wagon. The rules are simple: create an image to show us the souped up, decked-out, coolest-of-the-cool wagon you'd love to use to hit the Oregon Trail. Want hot pink racing stripes? A popcorn machine attached to your yoke? Spinning rims on the wheels? The sky's the limit. Just make it as awesome as you imagine in your wildest dreams. The image with the most fan votes will take the cake.

To enter, upload your image to our Flickr album here:

Dont have mad Photoshop skillz? You can still tell your friends and definitely check out the entries and vote by commenting on your faves.

Well accept entries through Wednesday, February 2nd at noon EDT. The winner will get an Oregon Trail t-shirt to solidify his or her epic street cred.

Keep track of us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@oregontrail) for all the latest!