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Thread: Just finished Shooter!

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    Default Just finished Shooter!

    Back in early December I got my first current-gen system, a shiny new PS3, and included in the bundle was PixelJunk Shooter.

    This game is absolutely my type of game, right up my alley, exactly the type of thing I like. So it should go without saying that I enjoyed it, a lot.

    Well about 20 minutes ago I finally defeated the final boss, and I just wanted to shout my accomplishment to the world, or at least the percentage of the world reading this forum.


    Oh, one other interesting note - I saw Sean Kelley listed in the credits (Director of International Software Development) a few times. Maybe our very own is moonlighting?
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    Hmmmm ... Pixeljunk Multicarts?

    Awesome man, and being a bit late to the game on Shooter, you'll have far less time to wait for the sequel than those of us who beat the game earlier in the year!

    If you dig Pixeljunk's "style" (and there's much to love about it), pretty much everything else in their catalog is great.
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