I have flashbacks embedded in my mind of my younger days, I think most of us do. One thing I think of from time to time was something that happened in first grade. I grew up in San Jose so a good deal of the early video game companies were in the area. One day toward the end of class, the teacher (who was an elderly woman) had a stack of printed cardstock that she said was to be passed out to us before we left that day. When the end of the day came around she said to make sure we came up and got a "phoenix paper."

The paper in question was a simple punch-out model tied into the Atari release of Phoenix. The punch-outs made a little triangular base for the cardboard phoenix to stand on. If I'm remembering correctly the flyer (guess that's really what it was) also had a couple screen shots on it. The whole thing was professionally made, it wasn't a school handout or anything.

The printing was primarily dark blue, almost purple with red outlines around the punch-out phoenix.

Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone here?