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Thread: The BEST unknown SNES game the world needs to know about (NEW four-player thoughts on page 3)

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    Default The BEST unknown SNES game the world needs to know about (NEW four-player thoughts on page 3)

    It's a game that's never been reviewed before. It's SO obscure that there's NOT EVEN a video of this game on YouTube! Now that's saying something. Enough is enough. The time has come for all that to change. This awesome four player game has been buried and left hidden in the shadows for FAR too long. If you love the SNES, or just love simple, charming, fun, addicting games -- you simply must see this. Sadly, the game remains UNRELEASED to this day. Perhaps a good man, like Brandon Cobb and his Super Fighter team (who will be releasing Nightmare Busters for SNES later this year -- bless them!), will give this game some consideration for release in 2012?? One can only hope! I'll say that if SFT, or anybody ELSE for that matter, if anyone releases this game I'd bet on it becoming a smash hit RUNAWAY SUCCESS in the SNES/retro gaming community. It's such a unique and fun one-of-a-kind game that I'm sure many will gladly purchase. Heck, I know I would.

    And no, it doesn't work on the SNES PowerPak. If anyone can find a way to get it to work on the PowerPak, please let us know in this topic!

    OK, what's the game called? And why all the hype(rbole)?
    Read it, watch it, then play it for yourself and see.
    YMMV, but it's definitely a quality game!

    Perhaps THE best unknown SNES game around... 'tis a shame

    BS Out of Bounds Golf review

    Gameplay + cool tricks YouTube video (look for my notes sprinkled throughout!)

    Dreaming that one day someone will make it available to us all!
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