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Thread: FS/FT Neo Geo Homecarts, Pocket, MVS, Collectibles, Mooks, etc.

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    Default FS/FT Neo Geo Homecarts, Pocket, MVS, Collectibles, Mooks, etc.

    Alright got some stuff for sale. I’m listing prices for most of these but they may very well be off feel free to let me know if you think so I won’t take offense. The more you buy the cheaper I’ll let it go for etc.

    If you need more pics, descriptions or anything of that nature please ask.

    Finally I will take trades, most of what I’d be interested in is some various mvs games I’ve never played, pretty much any arcade stuff that piques my interest , etc. Try me you never know.

    I’ve now added homecarts. Unless otherwise noted I’m listing these as GAMER CONDITION, they are all complete and will look good on the shelf, but please do not look here for the minty freshness. Expect some wear to the carts and manuals, possibly whitening on the top of an insert, etc. I’ve tried to note anything major, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I don’t mind going into details or taking more pics for serious buyers.

    There are a number of these that were cleaned by my ex roommate, who apparently wanted me to have super shiny carts as it appears he used something like Armor All on the carts themselves. I’ve noted these as AA carts. They are shiny, but have a slick feel to them, otherwise they are fine (nothing but the carts were touched and there is no damage to any sticker). There are actually some that it’s difficult to tell so I marked them as AA just to be safe.

    System – My US Gold System- $170 SOLD - boxed no manual for the system though. Cords are replacements but original SNK from Japan, system is a 14K serial number with no modifications. Box is obviously worn, and there is only some of the Styrofoam included. It comes with one stick, both cords, and system. A few more pics, the back of the box and the contents (Magician Lord not included).


    Riding Hero - $45 – Cart and Manual. This was purchased NOS by me and had a cracked tray when I opened it, and it came with (comes with) this link cable which I’ve never used.
    Sengoku - $45 – cart and Manual. AA Game, and has a cracked tray.


    Fatal Fury - $40 – Cart and Manual
    KOF 96 - $75 – Cart and Manual. AA Game
    KOF 97 - $85 – Cart and Manual. AA Game
    KOF 00 - $100 – Cart and Manual.
    Mahjong Bakatonosama - $120 – Cart and Manual.
    Mahjong Minason No - $80 – Cart and Manual.
    Real Bout Fatal Fury - $80 Cart and Manual. AA Game
    Samurai Showdown 3 -$75 – Manual and Cart.

    MVS – Almost everything is English unless noted.


    Fatal Fury -$30 - Box shows considerable wear, writing on both sides etc.
    Fatal Fury 2 - $40 - Box shows some wear
    Metal Slug 4 -$150
    Savage Reign - $75 - Comes with 2 art sets one English and one Spanish.

    Full Kit EXCEPT for the Box

    Art of Fighting - $25
    Art of Fighting 2 - $35
    Burning Fight - $40 SOLD
    KOF 95 -$40 SOLD
    Master of Syougi - $50 – Japanese only release

    Cart + Mini – For these games this is a full art set as they didn’t come with flyers or stickers etc.

    Group Shot

    Cyber Lip - $35 - SOLD
    Magician Lord -$30
    Super Spy -$30 SOLD
    Top Players Golf - $8 SOLD

    Loose Carts: Most have a clean original English label the exceptions are noted.

    Group Shot

    Aero Fighters 2 - $45
    Aero Fighters 3 - $80 -Also includes a full art set for Sonic Wings 3
    Captain Tomaday - $90
    Eight Man - $25 – Just bought it and it is not as good as I remembered. Maybe it’s just me.
    Overtop - $70 - Comes with Shock and some copied arts
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - $20 -This is the one with a Japanese label
    Robo Army - $50 - Comes with a fake mini
    Street Slam - $20 SOLD -Label is pretty rough
    Strikers 1945 Plus -$95 TRADED

    Mini Marquees – If you spend a little cash on other items I’d toss any of these in free except maybe the KOF97. I just put prices in case someone just wanted these.

    Group Shot

    Art of Fighting $2
    KOF 97 $7 –This looks new
    Super Baseball 2020 $2
    Samurai Showdown $2
    Super Spy $2
    World Heroes $2

    Random MVS Stuff:

    World Heroes 2 BIG MARQUEE - $10 – Very nice shape, possibly/probably NOS when I bought it.

    Fight Fever art set - $5 SOLD – This is an original English Art set
    Puzzle Bobble art set - $10 SOLD – This is an original English art set.

    Free MVS stuff if you buy other stuff from me. If you really really want these and nothing else you could give me shipping cost and I’ll mail em to you.

    Magical Drop 3 Box –SOLD -Shows decent wear
    Stickers – SOLD -The Last Blade sticker set is in Japanese, 3 of the Samsho 2’s are Spanish, 1 of em is English
    Flyers etc – SOLD -I’m pretty sure all the flyers are English, I know the Windjammers mini is a fake, the 3 Count Bout mini is Spanish, and the Metal Slug sticker is just printed off the computer but looks cool.

    Neo Geo Pocket B&W Games Japanese: All are complete most are in mint or near mint condition. Went by the low side of the guide for most of these. Pic of B&W games

    Master of Syougi $15
    Melon-Chan’s Growth Diary $15
    Neo Cherry Master $10
    Neo Cup 98 $15
    Pocket Tennis $20

    Neo Geo Pocket Color Games Japanese. All are complete most are in mint or near mint condition. Went by the low side of the guide for most of these.
    Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Rare 1 Rare 2

    Biomotor Unitron $10
    Bikkuriman 2000 Viva! Pocket Festiva! $20
    Cardfighters Clash SNK $15
    Cardfighters Clash Capcom $15
    Dekahel 2 $5
    Dive Alert Rebecca $6
    E-Cup $5
    Evolution $15
    Hanabi $5 (box has some crushage on one side ask for pics if you wish)
    Infinity Cure $25
    Koi Koi Mahjong $100 obo?
    Memories off Pure $25
    Mezase! Kanji-Ou $60
    Neo Baccarat $15
    Neo Cup 98 Plus Color $10
    Neo Derby Champ $5
    Neo Dragon’s Wild $10
    Neo Mystery Bonus $10
    Neo Poke Pro Yakyuu $40
    Oo Hanabi $7 (this is the prize version from pachinko parlors)
    Pachinko Pocket Parlor $40
    Party Mail $20
    Pocket Love If $30
    Porcano 2 $5
    Soreike! Hanafuda Dojo $50

    Neo Geo Pocket Accessories:

    Japanese AC Adaptor $10

    Neo Geo Posters – Some Pocket stuff, some MVS, some ports, a bit of everything really. These all vary in condition from like new to very good, but there are NO rips tears or anything of that nature. Some have obviously been folded, or rolled a number of times, but again no rips etc or anything like that.

    Full Size Posters – Some of these are US some are Japanese

    Cardfighters Clash - $20
    Samurai Showdown Pocket This is for the 1st Samsho on the Pocket - $18 SOLD
    Samurai Showdown 2 Pocket This is for the 2nd Samsho on the Pocket - $18 SOLD
    Super Real Mahjong Pocket - $15 SOLD
    KOF 96 - $12 This came from an issue of Gamest originally.

    MVS flyers

    Sengoku 3 – $10 This is English
    Zupapa – $10 This is English as well

    Comics or Manga – Some of this stuff I’ve never seen sell before so pricing it was difficult, make offers if you wish.

    King of Fighters R1 & R2 - $20 This is 2 books, one for R1 one for R2
    Match of the Millenium - $20 again 2 books both for MotM though.
    Ogre Battle -$10 – This is smaller and might be brand new. It is for the Neo Pocket version of the game
    Magical Drop 2 & 3- $25 – One book for MD2 and one for MD3

    Mooks - Some have Posters, Obi’s, Dust Jackets, etc. Tried to make note of this stuff but might have missed some. Please feel free to ask any questions

    Enterbrain Mooks – These guys did some of the more recent stuff, these are all pretty hefty.

    Capcom Vs SNK Millenium Fight 2000 - $15 – This was before the numbering system (merger with Arcadia?).
    SVC Chaos - $25 – Enterbrain Mook Vol 12
    KOF 2001 - $20 – Enterbrain Mook Vol 7
    KOF 2002 -$25 - Enterbrain Mook Vol 11

    Gamest Mooks – I’ve added a bunch of mooks and I’m keeping the majority of them in sets so to speak. For example there are 2 of most KOF mooks, one is a Technical Manual and one is a Graphical Manual. They will be sold together if this is the case.

    Art of SNK -$20 - Features artwork, sketches, etc. Gamest Mook Vol 40
    Fatal Fury 3 - $20 – Gamest Mook Vol 12
    KOF 94 - $Free with other purchases – Gamest Mook Vol 2, this is a double I ended up with and not as good condition as the one below. Pretty sure this one is missing it’s poster as well, I’ll have to double check.
    KOF 94 -$10 – Comes with poster, Gamest Mook Vol 2
    KOF 95 - $40 – Another pair, Gamest Mooks Vol 14 & 18.
    KOF 96 - $55 – One of the few I know of to get 3 mooks from Gamest. Round 1 & 2, and a Fan Mook I believe. Gamest Mooks Vol 46, 54 & 56.
    KOF 97 -$40 – Technical & Graphical Manuals, Gamest Mook Vol. 86 & 99
    KOF 98 -$70 – Technical & Graphical Manuals, Gamest Mook Vol 153 & 162
    KOF 99 Graphical Manual - $15 – Gamest Mook Vol 195
    Last Blade 1 & 2 -$70 – The Last Blade Mook Vol 127 & The Last Blade 2 Mook Vol 178.
    Real Bout Fatal Fury Special -$35 – Gamest Mook Vol 66
    Samurai Showdown 2 - $50 – Gamest Magazine Vol 133 & Gamest Mook Vol 4. One includes a poster.
    Samurai Showdown 3 - $15 – Gamest Magazine Vol 161, has a very small fold out poster inside.
    Samurai Showdown 4 -$60 – Gamest Mooks Vol. 58 & 60

    Virtua Fighter 2 Act 1 - $5 or free if you spend some money on other stuff – Gamest Mook vol 5, yea it’s not Neo but it was in the stack.

    Geibun Mooks

    KOF 2000 - $25 – Not sure if this is the only KOF 2000 mook but it’s the only one I’ve seen. Geibun Mook 262

    Samurai Showdown 64 - $30 – Not a mook I see to often, pretty nice mook.

    Unknown Publisher

    Art of SNK Vol 1 & 2 - $50 – I’m not sure who published these but they are official and have a ton of awesome early Neo artwork. There is some scuffing and wear to the dust jackets, the obi’s are present but are tucked inside the front covers.
    Fatal Fury 3 - $17 – Looks like the same style and size as the Samsho 3 mook just less page wise (about 175 or so). Has obi etc. Very nice mook. Smaller than normal sized mooks.
    Samurai Showdown 3 - $20 – Fantastic Mook over 300 pages, has obi tucked inside the cover. Smaller than normal sized mooks.

    Neo Geo Freak Magazines – Some issues only, some posters only, some both.

    Issue 11, 1996 - $10 – No Poster. This is a KOF 1996 issue.
    Issue 10, 2000 - $10 – No poster. This is a KOF 2000 issue.

    Trading Cards – Oh and when I say around 50 cards or whatever number, I’m counting different cards, I’ll list a different number separately for doubles if there are any.

    Last Blade – Complete Regular Set, missing 2 cards from the Specials (9 total). That’s about 75 or so cards in the set, and also included are 200 or so doubles, a sealed pack, an empty box with a number of empty packs inside. Card Pics here and here and here. SOLD EVERYTHING BUT THE DOUBLES TAKE THEM FOR $20

    KOF 94 $30 – This is a full regular set (about 70 cards), missing a few special cards though. These (and the other cards like these) are pretty old. Dated from early to mid 90’s depending on the series.

    KOF 95 $15 – 25 or so different cards

    Fatal Fury Special $20 – about 40 or so cards.

    Fatal Fury Barcode Fighters $30 – Full set I believe of 36 cards, and about 25 doubles. These are cool, more pics here

    Samurai Showdown $20 – About 25 or so cards.

    World Heroes 2 $15 – around 30 or so cards


    Fatal Fury 3 – $17 -Complete with sticker, obi, & reg card.
    Galaxy Fight – $17 -Complete with sticker, obi, & reg card

    VHS Combo Videos – There were 2 companies who made these and I have some from both, Gamest and Scitron/Pony Canyon. These are awesome and show tons of good stuff and some have the original TV commercials for the games etc. I don’t currently have a VHS anymore, but have watched all of these previously with no problems, and stored them carefully since.

    Gamest Vids – ALL SOLD

    Scitron/Pony Canyon

    Art of Fighting 2 - $15
    Fatal Fury Special - $18
    Fatal Fury 2 - $15
    KOF 96 - $20
    Samurai Showdown 2 - $25
    Samurai Showdown 3 - $22
    Samurai Showdown 4 - $22

    SNK Rubber Figures – I picked these up all over the place for years. The Fatal Fury 1 & Samurai Showdown ones came from UFO catcher games in Japan, the Fatal Fury 2 ones were given away 1 at a time by Takara with the release of the game for SNES I believe and you joined the fanclub to get 1.

    Fatal Fury Doubles - $3 each, various colors and characters available but not enough to make a set. More pics here, here, and here. Please specify color and character
    Fatal Fury 2 Doubles - $3 each, same as above, various colors and characters available but not enough for a set (think Jubei is the only one I don’t have a double of). More pics here, here, and here.

    SNK Collectibles – Kind of a catch all category for the stuff that didn’t fit into any other spot above

    Capcom VS Snk keychains - $20 for the set, it is a complete set and these are very very cool.

    KOF 96 Puzzle - $15 – Could be purchased from Neo Geo Freak (the magazine) way back when. Completely unused as you can see here, it comes with glue and applicator if you wish to glue it after putting it together, and a small instruction sheet.

    KOF 96 Sticker Rolls - $35 for them all, another pic here. This is a complete set and all of them are unused. There’s a roll/ball for every team and one with Kyo on the front with various stickers from the whole game. 10 total

    KOF 2000 Keychains - $20 – Complete set, awesome keychains and if someone wants me to split this up I might just so I can keep Ramon as he’s a badass.

    Samurai Showdown 2 Mizuki Plush Keychain - $6

    SNK T-Shirt Collection -$60 – Awesome set it is complete and they are all new never worn etc. Smaller than you think so if you a fatass like me don’t buy em planning on wearing them.

    KOF Tarot Cards - $ 30 – Another pic here, the outer box shows some wear. The reason this is listed below everything else is it is the only one that IS NOT LICENSED to the best of my knowledge. Still neat and I’ve only seen one other.

    Magical Drop Collectibles – Since I have a ton of Magical Drop stuff it warranted its own category.

    Magical Drop File Folder 1 – $10 - Yes this comes with the sticker sheet shown.

    Magical Drop File Folders 2 & 3 - $10 each

    Magical Drop Cloth - $8 – Just a little cloth as you can see. No idea of it’s origins

    Magical Drop Photo Book - $7 – A book to put your photos in, again no idea of the origins.

    Magical Drop UFO Plushies - $7 each or $30 for the set. These guys are soft, cute, have the tags, and are branded by Sega (I believe from the Saturn releases).

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    Figured I'd cross post this here in case anyone was interested. The Neo Geo Pocket stuff I'll do a buy 2 get 1 free on.

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