A local telecom sales rep who I do business with has offered me a "thank you gift" for renewing my annual contract with him, which consists of a bunch of products of a $15-20 value from a list.

2 of the products are the last couple editions of NBA Live on the PS2. NBA Live 08 and 09. I think I'm going to pick one of them, because they seem to be the only halfway decent items on his list.

I've read a handful of reviews and seen a little video on both editions. However, I'm looking for a recommendation for one edition or the other. Those of you who were still playing NBA Live that late on the PS2, I'd like your thoughts on the 08 or 09 versions since I've got to choose one or the other. I know they are both "cruise control effort" roster updates and not much else but I'd rather have the one that plays a little better.

Remember these are the Playstation 2 copies only, so no feedback needed on next-gen versions that are probably a lot different.