Hi, I'm new to this forum but it seems the best place to ask. I recently have developed an interest in reliving my childhood by reinvesting in classic console gaming. However, I understand that modern lcd televisions create input lag, ghosting, and reduced image quality from scaling / de-interlacing and any number of other negative side-effects.

I currently have access to both a HD LCD, SD LCD, HD Plasma, and of the greatest interest a Sony KV-30HS420 30-Inch FD Trinitron WEGA. The Trinitron is what I've been using for gaming on my cube / ps2 / xbox and it seems to work pretty well. What I'm wondering is if anybody has any experience or recommendations as to how well this television would handle older consoles such as the nes / snes / n64 / genesis / etc.

I'm not really interested personally in any of the older consoles such as the magnavox odyssey (even though I enjoyed playing it and I might want one in the future).

In a nutshell I'm asking how well this TV will preform regarding image quality, and input lag on those older systems such as the nes. I hope this is the most appropriate forum and somebody is able to give me some guidance. Thanks in advance