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Thread: TV for retro gaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynicalhat View Post
    If it's 60hz I'm hoping it doesn't cause me problems because of my headaches. I can't use a CRT computer monitor at 60hz or the flicker just kills me. Although I will admit the TV does not look as flickery as a 60hz CRT monitor at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by RP2A03 View Post
    The shimmer around the borders of objects sounds like "dot crawl" to me. This is normal for a composite connection and upgrading to an s-video connection should solve the problem.
    Thank you so very much. I read the Wikipedia article and it describes my problem perfectly. I'm confident now that my TV is fine, I'm just getting dot crawl and color bleed from the composite video.

    As far as cabling goes I'm just using the standard composite cables that came with the gamecube. I have a bit of a problem because I have two gamecubes a dol-001 that supports component and a dol-101 which does not. The dol-001 is broken so I'm going to have to try and figure something out here. I may end up just paying nintendo to repair one.

    I would just substitute with a wii but I'm planning to run the wii on a EDTV I own, and I still want to be able to use the gameboy player.

    edit: I just realized I can use s-video cables out of the analog port.
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