Yet another one of these! I swear, people are going to start thinking I'm manufacturing them myself.

Anyway, this is a Compact Flash card that Nintendo uses in their video kiosk displays. The first one I acquired sold for something like $40.00 I believe. That one had random promo videos of Nintendo's releases during that time frame. More recently I had one with the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Video on it that went for around the same value.

This is the third such card that I have acquired and I want to (again) cut to the chase and offer it for quick sale.

Anyway, this is a CF card that Nintendo uses along with a cheapy little CF card reader in some of its store displays (the ones that just loop game videos over and over again). Nothing special about it other than the label marking it as a Nintendo display part, in this case #73876 for Pokemon Black / White.

As with most Nintendo display things, they are expected to be retained by the vendors and sent back to Nintendo. I'm assuming that these cards are recovered, sent back to Nintendo, eventually have the video file changed out, are restickered and then sent back out to vendors for store insertion.

The video contained is a short advertisement for Pokemon Black / Pokemon White. It's a super high quality 26.0MB MPEG-2 file titled "pokemon black and white.mpg." It also contains a "checksums.md5" file.

Looking for quick sale / offers. This will probably be the last one of these I'll have for a long time, if ever.

The usual stuff applies. I'd like to keep sale within the USA. Money Order in US funds or PayPal (connected bank account or PayPal balance - NO CREDIT CARDS) as gift. You guys know my Buying and Selling rep is solid. Will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation unless a cheaper method is agreed upon.

So if you're interested, shoot me a PM with an offer!