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Thread: Selling Off a lot of My Collection..Please LMK a What's it Worth if you have the time

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    Default Selling Off a lot of My Collection..Please LMK a What's it Worth if you have the time

    I need to make a few Grand
    The list that I keep adding to..

    Feel Free to Please let me know on anything that might get me closer to my Goal $1200 is a good start to what I need.

    I actual made this topic in the wrong location after reading threads here/then could not delete it
    ..I guess I might as well ask for prices..

    I do do my own research but hey some people ask crazy amounts for things that will never sell..

    .................................................. ............
    US Neo Geo Console System in excellent condition..
    Has two original Neo Geo Sticks with I don't even think the balls have any cracking..
    Original Power Supply
    Av wire..
    Comes with 12 Neo Geo Games in original box,the most expensive being Viewpoint..

    Nintendo Famicom System in excellent condition,comes with Original Plug and Controllers
    I have around 20-30 games for it..a few boxed..
    Super Famicom System.
    Nintendo Top Loader with two mini nintendo controllers
    This stuff is all stored in plastic zipperd bags on top of a whit wooden Nintendo push cart table

    a unique Ninendo Muticart (cowboy on front)t
    Atari 2600 Custers Revenge in box
    Star Path Super Charger in box,,Two Cassetes in case and Stella Gets a New Brain CD in case with Big book,

    Sega Saturn US Panzer Dragon Saga Game Complete..(in excellent condition
    Sega Saturn Radiant Silvergun Japanese Import Game complete (in excellent condition
    Sega Saturn Guardian Heroes Game complete (in excellent condition
    Sega Saturn Thunder Force V Japanese Import Game complete (in excellent condition
    I have around 15-20 Japanese Import Dreamcast and Sega Saturn cased games,a few sealed.
    10-15-20 Playstation Import Games(those import train games)

    Three Factory Sealed Nintendo Punisher Games.
    Misc Boxed Genesis Games

    Leisure Vision System and several game carts.

    Sears Pong..

    Nintendo System Boxes...(empty several)
    Nintendo ROB The Robot Deluxe System Box with ROB and all it's parts never removed from the box,paperwork..I'd just have to add a system to the box to make it complete..
    I also have an empty ROB big box deluxe system empty with syrofoam but the box has a lot of damage.

    Atari Jaguar Box empty with cardboard insert
    Atari XE System Box.
    Atari 2600 system a bunch of controllers and a bunch of games

    Turbo Duo System,with Gamepads,hook ups..CD games..(one of the gamepads is a harder to get type
    Turbo Express(fully working)
    I have a bunch of good TG 16 Hu Card games..such as Alien Crush,Time Cruise,Bonks Adventure
    ..a TG with Joystick,controllers

    Around 60-100 Playstation Games in case.the better keeper titles like Skull Monkeys,Resident Evil 1,2,Directors Cut etc,(RC De Go factory sealed
    40 or so boxed Saturn Games
    20-30 Sega CD Games in case
    15-20 Playstation Black Box Games(Resident Evil
    50+ Sega Dreamcast Games in case.

    boxes of misc demo discs,game manuals paperwork etc.

    Dreamcast Magazines with demo CDs..
    around 100 Playstation Magazine Demo Discs,misc video game demo discs in a big CD holder book..
    Bins of Old Gamer magazines..I have had inquires for all the magainzines and sorry but I don't have time to go looking and picking..i'm going to sell them in whole lots.

    30 + Handheld games,Mattel Football,Soccer,Basketball etc...Pokemon Gameboys.Atari Lynx,Nomad,Gamegear,Neo Geo Pocket Color X2

    Intelllevision System..
    Colecovision System...with a few games
    Sega Saturn System,hook ups and controllers
    RadioShack T-99 System with a few Boxed Games
    32X ..out of box but I have two boxes

    Steel Battalion in Box(used but I was able to get it back in the box thev right way.
    Xbox Silent Scope in Box-set

    Neo Geo MVS games..just from the front of my stack I have more-ask for a specific game etc.
    Neo Mr Do with Mini Marquee
    Zed Blade
    Last blade
    Last Blade 2
    Super Sidekicks The Ultimate 11
    Rage Of The Dragon Full Kit.
    Art Kits(can't find for the life of me-in box somewhere-still looking

    Nintendo Game and Watch Table Tops,Mario,Popeye,Snoopy,DK JR the Tan one hard to find(imported)
    Coleco DK Jr Tabletops(the orange table tops-identical to Game and watch
    Mario Bros Game and Watch handheld game

    Two Working Vectrex Systems with Minestorm Overlay-Berzerk on other.and a few boxed games..(WILL NOT SHIP THESE

    Xbox Debug Kit System.(Clear Green sysyem..has a line of Xbox games on it..stuff for Debug...and several sets of Roms on it for CPS2,Neo Geo.Arcade,-snes etc.

    Xbox Green HALO System in Original Box with Controller
    Xbox Green HALO System no box..

    PS2 Taiko Drum Master with Game in Box.
    PS2 Taiko Drum Master in box,no game

    Donky Konga Drum Sets.

    Several Working and Non Working MICROVISION Systems..
    around 9 Boxed Games.
    8-10 loose games

    Zelda: Twilight Princess Gamecube BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED..
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED..

    Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Promotional Disc CIB..USED
    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker GameCube Windwaker CIB USED

    Freezing Xbox 360 System

    Arcade Machine(store type clear see through plastic) Toppers-to display Marquees or Atwork ,,(several brand new in box)

    Quick Pictures-adding to as I find,move stuff.

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