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Thread: cheap 7' notebook w charger $45 shipped to USA

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    Default cheap 7' notebook w charger $45 shipped to USA

    Someone traded this unit in to the store. It looks like it was barely used but I gave the guy $10 because it feels like a piece of shit. He didn't argue with me so that tells you something right there. If you are looking for a cheap notebook here it is.

    This is a cheaply made in China 7" notebook. It does power on and does appears to work but is very cheaply made. I did not fully test it and I am selling this as is. Even if it works today you can just tell that perhaps in a week or perhaps even a day it may just self implode. To make it worse I know nothing about computers.

    I did not see any problems but it is very cheaply made. Good ol China ! It feels like it might shatter into a thousand pieces if you dropped it. I am selling this cheap because it is cheap. I did not build this so please don't hold it against me if you get exactly what I am telling you.

    If you search eBay you will see that this exact model does sell sometimes as much as $100 PLUS shipping when the seller dresses it up as a nice fancy computer but sometimes the buyers leave bad feedback because it is really a piece of junk. I'd rather sell it cheap on the forums and have the buyer know exactly what it is they are getting and not get a bad feedback for it. I didn't make this people but it is my job to get rid of it.

    This 7' notebook comes in the original box with power supply. It runs on an internal battery which seems to hold a charge. I did not take this unit online so internet ability is untested. None of the software on this unit is tested.

    What you see is what you get $45 shipped to the USA.
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