I've got an XBox360 (first gen), with a 20Gb hdd.SO far there's nothing on the drive - it shows 13.9gb free. (SERIOUS FILESYSTEM OVERHEAD, IMO!)

There is a new XBox360 4Gb Kinect in my office, that I may use if I feel like it. (Sounds good in theory, but between job obligations and self-consciousness about playing on the job I've never turned it on.)

About a week ago I signed up for a 1-month trial of XBox Live Gold. I didn't intend to start the trial, and don't expect to pay for a subscription once the trial winds down.

I want to get Geometry Wars.

-- Do I have to buy Geometry Wars while my trial sub is active, or may I purchase it with whatever free XBox Live subscription exists (Silver?) ?

-- Can I continue to play the game if/after the Live account lapses?

-- Assuming I buy the game, is it possible to play the game on both my home XBox, and also the office XBox?

-- Is it possible for the office XBox to also be used by somebody else, with a different Live account?