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Thread: FT: xbox, n64, gamecube, japanese dreamcast.

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    Default FT: xbox, n64, gamecube, japanese dreamcast.

    I don't like these systems. Willing to trade towards Nes/snes/genesis/neo geo/playstation stuff if anyone is interested. I have...

    Original xbox console and one of the bigger controllers.

    N64 with regular controller nice analog stick. 3rd party memory card and the official ram expansion pack.

    All of the systems have been fully tested and work fine. Come with av and power cords. Anyone interested pm me here and/or bump this topic. Thanks guys. Pictures tomorrow for anyone who wants them.

    Also have 6 games for the xbox I will toss in. Halo, Enter the Matrix, Madden 04, Project Gotham Racing, NHL 2k6 and NBA Inside Drive 02.

    Have two original gameboy games. Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and Super Mario Land. The save in Zelda still works.

    Finally have a handful of N64 games. Loose I have Roadsters, Duke Nukem Zero Hour, Resident Evil 2, Quake 2, and Golden Eye. Everything except goldeneye has it's instruction manual.

    Finally a complete in box copy of Super Mario 64.

    So if anyones interested just contact me. The JP Dreamcast and Gamecube are gone.
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