Hey guys
I have a kid in the youth group that i help out with who really wants a GBA SP. he is a foster child so he doesn't have the money for one. I hate to go to Gamestop and drop $40 for one, so i would rather get one here or possibly even trade some of my extra stuff for one. I would like to get a charger too with it.

I am also lookng for a few things to fill out my collection:
NES Classic GBA Games Want them Complete
Adventure of Link
Dr Mario

Virtual Boy Games
Nesters Funky Bowling (Either Box or will take it CIB)
Mario Tennis Box or Japanese Version boxed is fine too
3D Tetris CIB
Panic Bomber (either box or CIB)
Jack Bros (Will take Japanese version of this due to price of US version)

Thanks and i can buy or would love to trade too