I have exhausted my local options and have been browsing Ebay for the past few days. Someone spare me the trouble and sell me a SNES! I am itching to play my new games!

I am looking for the original style SNES, with two Nintendo branded controllers, AC adapter, and A/V cable. I want one in nice condition, not discolored, yellowed or damaged. I would like the version which has four rubber feet on the bottom (instead of two) and that "locks" the carts in place when powered on.

Photos would be nice to see first.

I am opening with an offer of $40 plus shipping. I assume it will fit in a medium flat rate priority box, so shipping shouldn't be more than $27 to me in Ontario, Canada. I can pay via Paypal.

There are also a bunch of games and manuals which interest me, so you might be able to unload some extras along with it.