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Thread: Region Free Saturn Games?

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    Default Region Free Saturn Games?

    So I was reading Wikipedia the other day about the Sega Saturn, as I like to see what others have added/deleted from the article sometimes.

    I stumbled across a short paragraph of some games being region free, and the citation took me to Satakore.

    I noticed Enemy Zero on the list, with the American flag next to it. Does this mean that only the American version is region free? Also, is the Japanese version english friendly at all?

    I'm mainly curious whether it's "region specific" games that are region free or not. If not, I could save some cash by getting the import version of a few of those games.
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    I can't say if all versions of Enemy Zero are region free, but the flags likely just mean that that's all satakore has tested. That list is not complete or extensive. Anyway I wouldn't recommend getting the Japanese version. You'd be missing a lot of plot.

    In general I wouldn't worry about trying to find region-free games. Just get an import converter, they're pretty cheap.

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