Atari 7800 w/ power supply, 2 controllers , And pole-position 2.

Works, can include more games if needed. no TV hook-up unfortunately.

Broken 2600 heavy 6 switcher

broken, no idea whats wrong. includes nothing but the system. i think it has a tad of case damage-itis.

broken atari 4 switch
This is a nice sunnyvale-made system, except that the image scrolls vertically on the screen, and seems to have some cart reading problems.

semi-Broken atari 2600 6 switch
The game select switch doesnt spring back up when pressed down. so basically, it will scroll through the different games until pushed back up manually. Think of it as a feature, now you dont hav to press it down a ton of times to get to that setting you want!

A stack o' Nes's
I have many nes systems, but no controllers or cords for them. yay.

2 semi broken DMG gameboys

I have 2 white, original gameboys, one has the screen protector that has fallen off, and has a dinged up case, but works. the other is in mint condition, EXTREMELY AWESOMELY CLEAN CASE but doesn't work. all you get is a full black screen. sigh, oh well. both have battery doors.

Broken, yellow snes

it tuns on, but nothing appears on the screen. Cart slot problem? Comes with just system.

Broken sega genesis

Bad cart slot. you have to put the weight of a car on it to get it to work, and even if you do, it comes in black and white. nothing comes with it but the pathetic system.

3 Normal dreamcast system

Nothing special here. just some dreamcast. once again, system only. i can include crazy taxi 2 or something.

2 intellivision systems

both work. come with controllers, and AC supplies, as they are already attached! one has a bronze disk missing on 1 controller

commodore 64

technically i have 2, but i want to sell one. It boots up with white squares instead of text, and yeah. comes with hookups..
2 atari flashback 2's

Nice little systems, i might have the power supplies still. no controllers, unfortunately. maybe 1 per system, but that's it. they work.

Another commodore 64, with disk drive!
Looks beautiful, no tv cord though...

Rare extreme green MGB!
Spotless condition, it was only sold at toys r us for a small time. Woot!

Play station 1 screen pending to many people

Works flawlessly, looks nice, no scratches on screen. Theres a chip of plastic missing from the right hinge, but if you are modding, shouldn't matter. pretty bright and loud.