All games are complete with box, disc and manual. None of the discs have any significant scratching to speak of and have a few smudges from finger prints that will wipe off just fine. All are tested and work great.

Prices are for the item itself before the cost of shipping which is extra.


Katamari Damacy - $10

We Love Katamari - $10


Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - $10


F-Zero GX - $10

This is the Canadian version which should play on all NTSC-U GameCubes, at least it plays just fine on my unmodded Cube. Does have French on the box, in the manual and such.

Super Monkey Ball - $10

Samsung SH-D162D IDE DVD-ROM - aka "Kreon" drive

This drive is flashed with a modified firmware made by the individual known as "Kreon", on top of reading regular everyday CDs and DVDs it is capable of ripping XBox and XBox 360 games. Yes "common knowledge" says Kreon rips are "bad" but in reality there isn't any proof a "Kreon rip" will get you banned. Besides, if you are playing on XBox Live with a modded 360 you're going to get banned eventually ya nimrod. I used this drive almost exclusively to rip XBox discs over the last few years and worked great when I tested it out last night.

Asking $25+shipping. There is an identical UNFLASHED drive on eBay right now for $39.99+shipping. Keep in mind this is an IDE drive, not SATA. That said it works really well inside a USB/FireWire enclosure as well as with IDE->SATA adapters.

Last but not least (forgot I had a picture of it already):

A fully functional NTSC-U Nintendo 64! Comes with N64 console, 1st party power cable, 1st party A/V cable and jumper pak (hidden by the cover).

Asking price? $15+shipping. I can throw in a 1st party controller for $5 more if desired.