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Thread: The King of Collectors: Full Playstation 2 NTSC Library Sealed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    You are making more assumptions and judgements in this topic than anybody else. You're trying to twist my words into things I never remotely said, and I think the members of Digital Press are smart enough to see through it.

    I never once said anything bad about the guy. No one did, for the most part, but, for some reason, when a topic like this comes up, certain people absolutely flip out and overreact if anyone does anything other than bow down and kiss the collector's feet. People are entitled to their opinions. All I ever said about this guy and his collection is that I'm more impressed with collections that were built with heart and determination rather than bottomless pockets and eBay, that I'm more interested in collections that people actually play, and that I find his spending habits questionable. I'm entitled to those thoughts, just as anyone is welcome to question aspects of my collection, like, for example, some people think it's pointless importing text-heavy games from Japan, when I have lots of them. Even if I made a topic to show off my collection, I would accept comments like those, but, as I said earlier, if this guy simply made a topic here to show his collection, then he probably wouldn't get any negativity. However, he chose to do an interview and make his collection a subject of discussion, and if he or anyone else can't handle a discussion with anything but praise and worship, then I don't think you're taking our community in the right direction.

    I brought up Suze Orman because I believe she's very savvy about finances and usually gives people good advice. My point was simply that I believe his spending habits could be foolish if he's neglecting to use that large amount of money to secure his finances first, and I think Suze Orman would say the same. But maybe he is completely set for life, I don't know.

    Again, there's nothing hypocritical about my comments because my spending habits aren't remotely similar. I just don't get how you and some others in this topic don't understand that not all unnecessary spending is alike. Even if I looked only at the 12 years in which I was seriously collecting, that would break down to an average of 100 games a year (obviously the real number is less than that given the 8 years of gaming prior). Most of those games were bought at $3 or less, so we're talking about an insignificant amount of money over the course of one year. Plus, unlike this collector, I don't sit on big hoards of duplicates. I resell a fair number of games each year for more than I bought them at, so my financial investment in my collection is diminished further yet. And beyond games, I don't do much unnecessary spending. I was raised according to the old saying "Waste not, want not", and I'll use most things until they wear out or break.

    Lastly, I never said anything about rich people being evil or that I think it's bad for someone to have a rich family or any nonsense like that. You completely made that up. You were the one coming up with all these hypotheses about what this guy's life is like, so I simply responded to that by saying your ideas weren't plausible given the facts. I presented NO judgment in my assessment of what his situation most likely is.
    Wow, why not just use a cheesy politician's cliche to make your point? If you really believed that opinion or the facts were on your side or that everyone else saw through my alleged "twisting" of your words and arguments, you wouldn't have bothered to respond at all. Instead you chose to dig the hole even deeper.

    Do you even go back and read your own posts before hitting submit? In this post alone, you have accused him of "hoarding" and softened but reiterated your belief that he should seek Suze Orman's advice because his spending habits could be "foolish". Those are very loaded terms that carry a very negative connotation. If you really aren't passing judgement on him, how do things like that have any relevance whatsoever and why bring them up?

    If your only point is that his collection is less impressive in your opinion than someone who found it all at thrifts, garage sales and swap meets and paid an average of $3 a game, that's all you needed to say. Apparently, that's how you've built your collection, so anyone that doesn't do the same is apparently not worthy of respect or praise because they haven't shown enough "heart" or "determination". Obviously, someone who works hard to earn a living which they then use to buy things from Ebay or elsewhere has no heart or determination in their collecting, because the only righteous way to build a collection is the way you're doing it.

    Give me a break, if you and a few others weren't making negative assumptions about this guy, there would be zero discussion about his finances, charity, what constitutes "excessive" collecting, etc...All of it is completely irrelevant and is you and a few others imposing your personal belief system on something that has nothing to do with the interview he gave or his collection.
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