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Thread: FS: Game Doctor SF7 and Tototek MD 32M Flash Cart

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    Default FS: Game Doctor SF7 and Tototek MD 32M Flash Cart

    Hi guys,

    I have some toys from years past that I don't play with anymore, and it's time for cleanup!

    Game Doctor SF7 - 32M SFC/SNES Game Copier - Best offer over $50

    Tototek MD Flash Cart - 32M with parallel port programmer - Best offer over $50

    Both work perfectly. Let me know if you're interested and I don't charge anything more for shipping than USPS charges. The MD Flash will go in a flat rate for $5, I know. The SF7 maybe the next box up or maybe better by weight.

    I know there's newer and better stuff out there for both, but the value doesn't go to $0.
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