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    Default **SOLD** Please lock

    I'm selling two NES toasters, 37 games, 3 controllers, and 15 original black game sleeves (plus one Nintendo rental case). The toasters are both tested and both work OK but probably need new 72 pin connectors. I only have 1 AC adapter (original NES brand) for both systems. I don't have any AV cables or a second AC adapter (I only have one set for myself). I'm also including 3 original NES controllers (in good shape) and 37 games. I'm asking $70 for the lot and that includes shipping and DC# to anywhere in the lower 48 states. If you need any more pictures or have any questions please feel free to send me a PM. Game list and pictures are as follows:

    1. SMB 3 (Name written on back with pen)
    2. SMB 3
    3. Kirby's Adventure (Back label is a little pealed in the corner)
    4. Bump N Jump
    5. Maniac Mansion (Some wear on label. Back label is a little dirty)
    6. Snake, Rattle, N Roll
    7. Disney Adventures In The Magic Kingdom
    8. American Gladiators
    9. Ninja Gaiden
    10. Air Fortress
    11. The Karate Kid
    12. Hoops
    13. Millipede (Top-right of label a little pealed)
    14. High Speed Pinball
    15. Tiny Toon Adventures (Red stain on back label)
    16. NES Open Tournament Golf
    17. Double Dribble
    18. WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
    19. Top Gun
    20. Top Gun: Second Mission
    21. NES Play Action Football
    22. Jaws
    23. Bigfoot
    24. Super Mario Bros. 2
    25. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Back label a little dirty and worn)
    26. Dragon Warrior
    27. Jackal (Front label has sticker on it. Back is a little dirty)
    28. Pac-Man (Pen markings on back)
    29. Mission Impossible
    30. Lee Travino's Fighting Golf (Name written on back with marker)
    31. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
    32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Front Label is a little scratched)
    33. Tag Team Wrestling (White out on bottom front and bottom back. The number 4 on side of cart)
    34. Marble Madness
    35. Sky Sharks
    36. Karate Champ
    37. Bases Loaded: Second Season
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