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Thread: FS: Sega stuff, PC games, more

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    Default FS: Sega stuff, PC games, more

    Alright guys, need some money and I'm trying to clear out some space in my house for a few new things.

    Some of this stuff has been bought for pure resale purposes (just for anyone who cares) and the rest comes from my personal collection (extras). I'll be out of town from next Tuesday/Wednesday until August 7 so keep that in mind.

    I'll add more to this list once I have an opportunity to finish going through my things in storage. I know I have many more vintage PC titles and probably some more Sega things stashed away.

    *If anyone wants pictures, let me know and I'll get them to you.*
    *Most items don't have set prices so I'm open to offers.*
    *Obviously, the more you buy, the bigger discount you receive. I'd love to sell most of this stuff in complete sets (ex: all the Sega CD stuff to one person).*
    *Not interested in trades at the moment. Once I clear space and organize my remaining collection, I'll start accepting trades for anything I may have left.*

    Sega CD

    Joe Montana's NFL Football CIB
    ESPN National Hockey Night CIB
    Formula One Beyond the Limit CIB
    Sewer Shark disc only
    Sega Classics Arcade collection disc only
    Final Fight disc + manual, no case
    Road Rash CIB - $15 shipped
    Performance game case (holds six games)

    Sega Saturn

    Bare system (manufactured September 1996)
    System with two controllers + hookups (manufactured September 1995)
    Virtua Fighter 2 Not for Resale
    Nights Sampler
    Fifa 96 CIB
    PGA Tour 97 CIB
    Madden 97 CIB

    Sega Genesis

    32x w/ cables and manuals/paperwork
    Cosmic Carnage CIB - not in great condition
    Metal Head CIB - not in great condition
    Couple of Gen's 1 & 2 - let me know what you want, may have one or two extras with Hi-Def Graphics on it
    Comix Zone - label has some minor peeling at the top


    (2) Xbox systems bare - disc read problems (will throw in a broken PS1 if someone buys these)


    Getaway Black Monday Demo Disc


    Working Blu-ray drive (works with 20gb, 40gb, 60gb, older 80gb) - $60 shipped
    Various parts - let me know what you need


    Golden Sun The Lost Age Boxed (missing everything but the game)


    (2) NES Advantage sticks

    PC Games

    Island Peril
    Almost everything here or here excluding Blue Shift and the Basketball/Baseball at the top (one of the boxed TR games is sealed, can't remember which one atm).
    Doom 2 MAC sealed


    Old CAD software (Lightscape, AutoCAD, ask and I'll tell you what I have)
    Compaq C2010c CIB
    Vintage Dual 1225 turntable - needs work, has fairly new needle
    Vintage Dual 1228 turntable - works, would benefit from new needle


    ESPN Baseball Tonight CIB
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