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Thread: Sega Star Wars Trilogy (Model 3) Arcade froze, now won't boot? [Kinda fixed?]

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    Unhappy Sega Star Wars Trilogy (Model 3) Arcade froze, now won't boot? [Kinda fixed?]

    So I have a Sega Model 3 Star Wars Trilogy arcade game. I completed the first level on Easy. I then went into the service menu to change the difficulty to Normal. I played through the 1st stage (Yavin) and the 2nd (Hoth). I cleared Hoth and the Boba Fett level loaded. I moved the lightsaber to the right, then the left. Suddenly the game froze. This is the first time I have ever had the game freeze on me. The music still played perfectly, but the controls didn't respond. The Test and Service buttons didn't work either. So I unplugged the machine and let it rest for a second. I plugged it back in and now it won't boot up.

    It doesn't go to the SEGA screen or anything, it just stays at a white screen. I really hope it isn't broken... I know there were two bad ROMs on the board - but even when I called up SEGA they said as long as it operates fine not to worry about it. So this leads me to wonder if it's the ROMs or what.

    Since I got the machine I've had it set on Very Easy and I've completed the game dozens of times without an issue.

    If anyone has any idea of what may have caused this I'd love some help. I'm going to open up the board and see if maybe any ROMs need to be re-seated. ..

    I hope the force is strong with this one...



    Edit: So after leaving it unplugged for a bit it booted up okay. I'm not sure what happened but I guess it may have been the ROM. I changed the setting back to Easy so maybe that would prevent this from happening again, at least I hope so...
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