Complete/very good condition unless noted.

NHL 2001
007 Tomorrow Never Dies (disc only)
Air Combat (disc only)
Final Fantasy Anthology FFVI (disc only)
Final Fantasy IX GH (no manual)
Final Fantasy Tactics (disc only)
Final Fantasy VIII GH
Grand Theft Auto 2 (disc only)
Medal of Honor Underground GH (smashed case)
Namco Museum vol 3 (disc only)
NASCAR Rumble (cracked case)
NBA Live 2001
NFL Gameday 2000
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Spyro Ripto's Rage (disc only)
Spyro Year of the Dragon (disc only)
Test Drive Off Road 3
The Mummy (cracked case)
Tomb Raider Last Revelation
Triple Play 2001
Warriors of Might & Magic (disc only)
WCW/ NW O Thunder (disc only)
Wild 9 (former rental)

3x Playstation Jampack
Playstation Magazine disc
Playstation Underground disc